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Once in a lifetime you meet someone...that changes everything!





-Review delivered work 

-Go to the team calendar on this page to check my availability for your wedding date 

-Am I available? Good! Fill out my Wedding Form 


I will get ahold of you and we will talk about your vision for the big day over FaceTime, or meet for coffee. 

I want to make sure we are a good match and all your questions are answered. I will ask about your love story and learn what makes you unique. We will discuss packages, budget and contract information.

YOU MAYBE WONDERING- How much will I invest? 
We make personalized packages ranging from elopements to full day coverage. You can expect to invest anywhere between $1,200 to $8,000 but most couples will invest about $5,500.

Don't take chances with your Once In A Lifetime moments. You want the very best, that's why you're here!


Once the contract is signed and the booking fee is paid we will be in constant communicationI can be as inclusive in your wedding planning as you would like. I am no wedding planner but have seen quite a few weddings and can help make suggestions. Whatever you need... I am your girl!  Most importantly we will do an engagement session. During the engagement session I will learn even more about your connection and what's important to you on your wedding day. I will ensure you are confident and know what it feels like to be in front of my camera.

About two months before your wedding I will send a very detailed questionnaire in regards to your day. Then we sit down or FaceTime once again to discuss the details and I make suggestions on your timeline. 

I highly suggest to befriend me on social media to follow my most recent work. 

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I will arrive hyped up and ready for your day. I will scope out the venue if I haven't already. On your day you can expect a fun, bubbly, yet professional photographer. I will bring the heat when needed and fade into the background when necessary, waiting for the right moment. I can help keep a tight timeline if need be or go with the flow of your day. 


I will start the editing process as soon as I get home by backing up your images. I will then spend hours editing with love and attention. As I edit, I’ll post little teasers of your day on social media. Be on the lookout. Feel free to tag and share all your images. I will deliver an online gallery up to twelve weeks after your wedding. I do not limit the number of images I deliver; I do promise that no part of your day will be missed.


Once you have your gallery link you will have the ability to download the high quality files straight from the gallery. Remember to back up these files on your computer or hard drive for later use. The gallery link will be available for up to one year. Now, you get to spend that print store credit. Please remember to place your order eight weeks from when you receive your gallery however other orders can be placed during the year by you or family and friends (whoever you decide to share your link with). Once you receive your prints, display in your home and enjoy. 😊  Please remember to send me a picture, I love seeing my art in your home!


Wedding Form

Wedding Form

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